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Whether it's the condo where you will live out your greatest professional ambitions, the single-family home where you will raise your children or the suite where you will live the hotel life every day, Brigil is with you at every phase of your life, providing you with a full range of residences. 14,000 households accommodated since 1985, on both sides of the Ottawa River, from downtown to the suburbs.

Kanata Lakes 20 km

Luxurious condos for rent located in the Kanata area, in Ottawa. Near schools, shopping, restaurant, recreational centers and health facilities. Superior quality finishes, well though-out interiors, elevators and interior parking.

Kanata Lakes : green up your life! (ARTICLE AVAILABLE IN FRENCH ONLY)

Kanata Lakes : green up your life! (ARTICLE AVAILABLE IN FRENCH ONLY)

Life, simplified at Kanata Lakes.

Life, simplified at Kanata Lakes.

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8865 Jeanne d’Arc Blvd North, Ottawa

613 706-1973

460 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa

613 706-7730

99 and 121 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa

613 706-4010

2944 Baseline Road, Ottawa

613 902-0974

388 St-Joseph Blvd,

819 201-4588

62 De Lucerne Blvd, Gatineau

819 303-4041

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