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Whether it's the condo where you will live out your greatest professional ambitions, the single-family home where you will raise your children or the suite where you will live the hotel life every day, Brigil is with you at every phase of your life, providing you with a full range of residences. 10,000 households accommodated over the past 30 years, on both sides of the Ottawa River, from downtown to the suburbs.

Exceptional site in redevelopment

The popular story of Village Cartier

Village Cartier has always been a vanguard gathering point, a sweet spot in people’s heart, ever since its opening in 1965 under the name Cartier Commercial Centre Limited by the Loeb family from Ottawa, lead by Bertram Loeb.

Village Cartier has been the first real commercial centre in Outaouais, attracting clients from Maniwaki to Montebello. The original design was a mall with an open courtyard, a popular trend in Europe, among others. But in 1982, thanks to new partner Phaeton Investments from Toronto, the mall structure and five other buildings on site are closed with ceilings and walls, as we know today. First lessee, Henri Laflamme Inc. from Hull, is bought by Phaeton Investments in 1998. Phaeton Investments held on for 20 years or so and gave the reins to Sanwell Holdings, the last owner before Brigil.

In 1972, Village Cartier is pushed by a new competition. Everyone’s commitment and a new version of the shopping centre strengthened its position in the regional economy. Its popularity was so strong that the administrators had to send letters to the neighbourhood asking for its collaboration when parking spaces were missing on holidays! Stands for Christmas shopping were booked one year in advance.

Village Place Cartier, around 1966
Village Place Cartier, around 1972

The 80’s and 90’s have been splendid at Village Cartier, the commercial centre with the most services in the Outaouais region at that time. We could shop at Téléboutique Bell, Librairie Réflexion, postal office, SAQ Classique, RBC, Trust Royal, optical store, Goodyear car service, CAA, Photo Minute, naturalist Jean-Marc Brunet and Loto-Québec stand.

Village Cartier also sheltered the famous 700 places Vendôme movie theatre and the unemployment insurance Canada office for West Quebec for 18 years and held the event Les Bouchées du monde during Les fêtes du Grand Boulevard festival, under the tent in the parking.

Loyal customers will remember these stores: Zellers, Loeb, TransCanada Shoes, Coiffure Novy, Vicky lingerie, Petits Copains, Sam, Fuzz, Meilleurs Souhaits, Radio-Shack, Dorlene… and of course, Marie Claire, Bijoux Pastel, Bizou, Greenberg, Chaussures Yellow, Solution and Jeans Expert! Finally, maybe you enjoyed delicacies offered by Pik-nik, Treats, Saint-Cinnamon and Café de l’Aube!

In 1998, dark bricks on walls and ceiling have been covered with clearer material and lighting has improved. Stores entrance height passed from 8 to 10 feet to expand the volume and lighting.

Village Place Cartier, around 1980


Grand opening by Ottawa's Loeb family, under the name Centre d'achats Cartier Limited. The centre was a mall with six independent buildings at that time.


20 000 sq. ft expansion for Zellers.


Competition thickens on St-Joseph boulevard. The shopping centre is forced to be creative to keep its large customers base.


Arrival of Phaeton Investments, from Toronto, Loeb's family new associate. Office building is added, all the buildings are united and the garage Experts sur Roues is relocated.


Phaeton Investments is now sole owner and makes major improvements inside the mall.


Place Cartier are involved with les Galeries de Hull in Les Fêtes du Grand Boulevard and hosts Les Bouchées du Monde event under the tent, with many stands and shows.


Office building is redone entirely and fully rented.

Second expansion for Zellers, now with 30,000 sq. ft. more.

Old Vendôme movie theater is demolished.


Nautilus Plus opens.


Sanwell Holdings is taken control of Place Cartier.


Purchase of the site by Brigil. Public consultations and site revitalisation begin.

Brigil defines a common and
modern vision centred on
population’s needs.
Brigil conceives exciting
projects for the future
of Village Cartier.
Brigil is developing this
exceptional site for the
benefit of all generations.

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